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Steps To Help You Walk Through Your Challenges and Setbacks

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Course Summary

In life, we will all face adversity, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and defeated. However, when you have a breakthrough plan that includes faith for things like health issues, grief, unfair treatment, and relationship issues, it positions you to overcome these life challenges so you can win.

In Overcoming Adversity with Faith, you will master steps to help you break through adversity when they appear in your life. As you go through this online course, you will understand: 

  • How to overcome adversity with a proven blueprint that starts with faith 
  • The secrets to starting and keeping the right attitude in the face of adversity 
  • Why patience is important during the journey of adversity 
  • Strategies that will help you hear God's voice while journeying through adversity

By the time you finish taking this online course, you will walk away knowing how to face setbacks like financial and career issues by having hope regardless of your level of faith. Be inspired to put your faith in action and motivated to build a closer relationship with God, knowing that God can help you with anything. 

What You Will Learn

 Module 01: overcoming and Facing Adversity 
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Adversity comes in many forms, some big and some small.  

In this module, we will learn more about adversity as we talk about the mountains of never-ending adversity, facts about adversity, life discoveries from past adversities, the effects of staying stuck in past adversities, and I am going to share with you the blueprint for overcoming adversity with faith. 

Module 02: Faith to Overcome Adversity
When we are looking to overcome adversity, faith is essential to our success.   

In this module, we will talk about the meaning of faith, why faith might be hard during adversity, the importance of faith when facing adversity, and Faith: The least thought about purpose as a result of adversity.  
Module 03: Starting and Keeping the Right Attitude for the Journey

Attitude is everything and sets the tone for the journey we are about to take.

In this module, we will talk about Starting and Keeping the Right Attitude During the Journey of Adversity, the Impact of a Negative Attitude at the Beginning of Adversity, and The Three Secrets to Starting and Keeping the Right Attitude During Adversity. 

Module 04: Walking the Journey with Patience 

We never know how long our journey of adversity will last, so patience will be needed for the journey.
In this module, we will talk about the meaning and importance of patience when dealing with adversity, the causes and solutions of impatience when facing adversity, and ways to grow patience when going through adversity.  

Module 05: Listening to Hear, God’s Voice During the Journey

Hearing God's voice from day to day is not easy for most of us. So who are you listening to during adversity?  

In this module, we will talk about listening to hear God's voice during adversity, ways God speaks to us and how to know God's voice when facing adversity, and why it might appear God is silent during adversity. During this module, we will also have a little fun and do some listening exercises as well.  

Module 06: Rewards After the Journey

Everyone likes rewards, especially those that we get from God.  

In this module, we will talk about the feelings after getting through the journey of adversity, the rewards as a result of faith, and realizing the rewards after the journey of adversity has ended.  

Eddie Johnson

Eddie L. Johnson is a breakthrough expert, speaker, author, and servant leader who brings joy and life to situations. An encourager with an upbeat attitude toward others, Eddie has a unique ability to find the best in everyone.

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